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Home Activities

  • Visit a sports centre
  • Go on a long walk   
  • Watch a sporting event
  • Go to the library and find stories about sports
  • Go to the library and find non-fiction books about the Olympics.  
  • Make an Olympic medal
  • Daily reading with your child
  • Practice writing your full name
  • Practice handwriting
  • Try food from different countries
  • Learn about different events in the Olympics
  • Try a new sport
  • Practice putting on your t shirt
  • Practice washing your face
  • Draw a picture of a sporting event


We love seeing what you do at home together, please print photos and put in your home learning book. If you are able to you can write some sentences about all the things you have been doing with your family.

As Mathematicians we will be:

  • Learning to recognise numbers and shapes
  • Learning to talk about shapes
  • Learning to recognise shapes
  • Learning how to organise objects
  • Learning to count forwards and backwards
  • Learning to count out objects
  • Learning to form numbers


Gymnastics – Tuesday

P.E. – Friday

ICT – Friday

WOW assembly – Friday 2.30 pm (all welcome)

As writers we will be:

  • Learning about newspapers
  • Learning to create poster
  • Learning to retrieve information
  • Learning to write the letters of the alphabet
  • Learning to talk about what we have been writing

We will be making sport and Olympic fact books   






If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Nazareth Rooms.


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