Welcome to the summer term!


This term we will be focusing on getting your child ready for Reception in September. Please ensure that you are reading your child's library book every day and you are supporting them with writing their names. If your child has a full time place, they will no longer be having a sleep during the day.


Our first topic for the summer term is 'Fairytales'. Pease see the Family Learning Project for more information.


Our topic for May will be: Fairytales

The books we will be using are:

* Cinderella,

* Snow White,

* Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The areas we will be covering are:

* How stories are structured (beginning, middle and end)

* Characters in stories – similarities and differences

* Construction – building castles

* Counting in stories


To help us with this topic we would like you to:

* Go to the library and find other fairytales

* Talk to your child about what they would like to learn on this topic.

* Talk to your child about what they have done in nursery.


Family Learning Project – Fairytale Ball – Thursday 26th May


Your child needs to come to Nursery dressed as a prince or princess. They

can bring 1 party snack to eat at the ball.

Signed: Miss McAuliffe and Mrs Danilade





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