Class 1D


Dear Parents/Guardian,

This is an overview of your child’s Curriculum throughout this term:



Children will be able to talk about their experience and feelings about holidays. They will be able to say what they wonder about what makes a holiday a happy time. They will be able to ask and respond to questions about the difference between ordinary days and holidays and why we have them.


Children will be able to retell the story of the call of Levi, the encounter of Jesus with Zacchaeus and/or the advice of Isaiah. They will be able to use religious words like ‘forgiveness’ and ‘be sorry’ when they or others have made wrong choices. Children will be able to describe how the priest uses God’s power in the sacrament of Reconciliation to forgive those who are sorry and say so.

Universal Church

Children will be able to recognise that everyone is our neighbour and is loved by God. They will be able to recognise that because of their religion people act fairly towards others. Children will be able to describe some ways in which religion is lived out by believers. Within this, children will learn about the religion ‘Islam’.


Fantasy Stories (Superheroes)

Children will learn how to make simple inferences from stories. They will understand how to use exclamation marks in their writing. Children will learn to write action words and phrases to describe what their superhero can do, e.g. flying through the air. They will understand how to correctly spell words ending with a range of suffixes. They will invent a superhero and his/her arch enemy using descriptive language. Children will plan and write a comic strip adventure story.



Children will write a letter using the features of letter writing. They will read independently, using phonic clues to help with reading unfamiliar words. Children will sort books into fiction and non-fiction and be able to recognise the differences.


Traditional tales from other cultures

Children will look at a range of traditional tales from other cultures and continue to practice using a range of punctuation in their writing.


Children will learn to:

  • Measure the weight, length and capacity of various objects. Children will do so using both standard and non-standard units of measure. They will also be able to compare the measurements using key vocabulary.
  • Multiply and divide with the help of pictures and manipulatives. Children will continue to progress in their understanding of these concepts.
  • Add and subtract without the use of manipulatives. Children will call upon methods such as counting on, counting backwards, bridging, and using number lines. They will learn mental methods to aid them in these areas.



In this unit, children will learn to group animals based on their characteristics and according to what they eat. They will be able to identify a variety of different animals and understand some basic animal anatomy.


Working Scientifically

For the last part of the term, children will carry out various different experiments to increase their subject knowledge. These experiments will link to the science topics covered throughout the academic year and will help the children to gain a better understanding of the world around them.


Children will learn about;

  • The term ‘Monarch’ and what would make a good or bad monarch.
  • The role of a king or queen in our country.
  • Different monarchs and how life was for people during their reign. 


Children will learn to:

  • Find Africa- on a map and a globe, they will also learn about the different countries within Africa
  • Talk about and discuss the differences and similarities in a variety of places in Africa.
  • Write descriptions and gather facts about Africa




Children will learn to:

  • Open a variety of programs
  • Access the internet and find a program
  • Log on to a program
  • Work through a program to complete a command or a variety of tasks
  • Independently complete a program

The children will also be revisiting previous learning to develop their independent skills and learning in communication, data, multi-media and E-safety.


Outdoor: Athletics

Indoor: Travelling and Movement


Living in the wider world

Children will learn to contribute to society in a positive way.


If you need any further information or assistance with regards to your child’s learning please feel free to contact us after school.

Miss Downs, Miss Buehler, Mrs Rodway and Mrs Burwood