Class 4S

Welcome to year 4 and the start of a new term.

For Topic this term we are working on the Saxons.  We would appreciate your child bringing in any additional work for our display. We hope the children will find this an exciting topic.

In Literacy, we are learning about information texts as well as looking at creative poetry. Our text this term will be the “Smashing Saxons”. We hope the children will find this book fun and informative.

Grammar will include adverbs/adverbials, fronted adverbials, complex sentences and punctuating direct speech. We will also be reviewing some grammar that has been taught in year3.

We will be covering two topics for R.E. which include “People” and “Called”. Please get the children to start looking at their “Family Tree” as they will need to know this for their lessons.

Science this term will be about electricity. We will be investigating electrical circuits and how electricity works. Again, feel free to bring in any additional work for our display.

Our art lessons will be inspired by Saxon culture.  Please send in an old shirt to protect their uniforms, as we will be using some messy materials.

For computing, we will be looking at Internet Safety and Digital Literacy.

As usual we will be having indoor and outdoor P.E .Please send in both kits and ensure that no jewellery is worn.

For P.S.H.E we will be looking at relationships.

Please come and see us if you have any questions.