Dear families,

We are looking forward to Trewern. Please ensure you are on time for the coach on Sunday. We will be posting photos and messages on this page so keep an eye out. 




2nd June 2018

Tomorrow our adventure will begin! I look forward to seeing you all at 11:45 , ready to depart at noon. See you there- Miss Anthoney


3rd June 2018


WOW! What amazing children we have! The children have been brilliantly behaved on the coach so far. We stopped for lunch at the service station and are back on the coach on the road again. We will keep you posted when we arrive. 



We have under an hour to go! Your children have been an absolute credit to you. They have been so well behaved on the coach. We can’t wait to arrive at Trewern and let our adventure begin.


We have finally arrived! The children will soon find out their rooms and will unpack. They will make their own beds. We will have dinner and then get an early night ready for the fun that tomorrow brings. We will keep you posted. 

4th June 2018


The children are eager this morning. We all had a great nights sleep. According to the weather forecast, it will be a nice sunny day! We can’t wait for the activities. Breakfast will be served at 8! 


Children are busy doing different activities! Giving 100%. Great attitudes and team work: Photos to follow.






We have finished our pasta tonight and are ready for our evening activity!







Tuesday 5th June

Another great night here! The children slept well and had to be woken this morning. Another day of activities today. Tonight we will be having a roast for dinner. 









7:30pm We are all having the best time! We had a lovely roast dinner this evening and are now about to enjoy an evening activity.


Wednesday 6th June


The children are getting ready for breakfast. They are being helpful with chores and are working as a team. We have yet another fun day planned, with a visit to the tuck shop included! 



Good evening everyone! The children are currently participating in their evening activity. We have had yet another great day. The sun is shining and the atompshere is great. We have so many so stories to tell you when we are home. The children have been great at setting the tables and helping to clear up. We are so impressed!














Thursday 7th June 2018

Our last full day here. We can't wait to see you all tomorrow. We will be enjoying our last day of activities and make more memories. 



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