Trewern 2017


Dear families,

We are looking forward to Trewern. Please ensure you are on time for the coach on sunday. We will be posting photos and messages on this page so keep an eye out. 



Saturday 3rd June 

Tomorrow is the day! Only one more sleep until Trewern 2017. We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at 11.30am ready for departure at midday. See you then! 


Sunday 4th June 

13:53- we are at the service station in Oxford and  are just eating our lunch. Impeccable behaviour on the coach so far. 



We are nearly there! We have only 40 minutes of our journey left. We cannot wait to see what the week ahead has in store!


17:32-We have arrived at Trewern! All safe and well. Mr Craft will be arriving shortly 


Monday 5th June 

7:30- Good Morning everyone. We are all up and ready to have breakfast at 8. We had a good nights sleep and are looking forward to what today has in store. We had pizza for dinner last night and can't wait to try more of Trewern's delicious food. 


13:50- A busy day so far in Trewern. All groups are doing different activities. It's raining but that won't stop our fun. 


17:50- A fantastic first full day in Trewern and all the children are giving 100% to the activities. We are having burgers and chips for dinner tonight. We will also celebrate Joshua's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHUA!





























Tuesday 6th June

7:00- We all slept well last night and are ready for another day of activities. The children have been really helpful with with chores, hopefully the children can use these skills at home! We will be having breakfast shortly and making our lunch for the day. 


17:40- Another great day in Trewern. We are having a great time and are getting ready for our dinner. 



















Wednesday 7th June

09:20- Good morning families. The sun is shining today and we are looking forward to a "dry" day. We have lots of fun activties and the children are having a great time and embracing all the opportunities. We will be visiting the tuck shop tonight and Mr Craft will be leading his "infamous" orienteering evening activity! We will also celebrate Jeevan's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEEVAN!









Thursday 9th June

Another great day in Trewern. We cannot wait to see you tomorrow.









Friday 9th June


7:30- We are up and packing our cases. We will be having our breakfast and aim to be on the road for 10am. We will see you later on today.

2:00- we have just had lunch at the service station in Oxford. We will see you shortly.