Hello everyone!

Trewern is the BEST and so much fun. We have done hill walking and it took us so long. I was tired!!! We still have caving and BMX biking to do. I miss all of you. Ama


Trewern is a once in a life time opportunity. It's fun, challenging and more fun! If you have the chance, take it. There's gorge walking, caving, rock climbing and more! See you Monday. Love Maria x


Dear Mum,

Hope you're enjoying yourself, because I am! As soon as I got here I thought this was the place to be. Trewern has helped me to become more independent. Love you lots, Mojoyin xxx


Dear family,

Trewern has been a once in a life time opportunity. The activities have been challenging and cold, but very worthwhile. Can you bring me Mc Donald's on friday? From Bolu x


Dear Mum and Dad,

I'm having so much fun here. I miss you all and I also miss Mrs Barnes and Miss Mc Bride.

From David Moluba



Trewern is amazing and I'm having so much fun. All of the activities I've done so fun have been fun, especially caving. We've all become independent and learned to work as team. Estella

p.s.- we miss you so much Ms Mc Bride!



Dear mummy, daddy and Hannah,

YAY! everything is really fun and the food is delcious. We have had pizza, ice-cream and others. I enjoyed caving even though I got wet! I really miss all of you. Sanaa


Dear family,

I'm being good and really helpful in the kitchen!!! My favourite activity to far has been caving. See you on Friday. From Pharrell


Dear Mummy,

I arrived here in Trewern. It has been an excellent experience. I went caving and my socks got wet! The cave was so bug. I hope you are well. May God help you. Love from Vinna


Dear Mummy, Daddy, Grandma and Jessica

Trewern is so fun. The food is lovely. Don't worry about me- I'm fine. I hope you are having fun. Love from Selina x


Dear mummy, daddy and Anthony

I miss you so much. I am having lots of fun in Trewern. I'll tell you all about it when I come back home. Love Isabella x


To mum,

I miss you so very much. Either way, I am really enjoying this time away from Emmanuel and Joshua. I think i needed this time. Again, I miss you but I don't really want to come back but i'll be back soon. From Abigail


Dear family and Ms Mc Bride

We are having a great time here. It's been fun being able to work with the children I dont normally work with. I can't wait to see you all. From Chelsea


To mummy,

I'm having a good time and I like the food. Love Crazye


Dear Mum and Dad

It's me. I am having a wonderful time in wales. I loved rock climbing. I hope Lena and Maya are behaving.

I miss you – Emily xx


Hi everyone

Chase here. I like Trewern and have been enjoyed all the activities. I will see you soon!


Dear parents,

I miss you but I'm having fun. It's so great over here. I'm coming home soon. Love Michelle x


Dear family,

We are having so much fun at Trewern. I miss you all. We are doing BMX biking, caving, river walking and mountain climbing. The food is nice. Love Dami x


Dear parents,

We are having so much fun here in Trewern. We have lots of fun activites. Miss you all from Onyi x



I miss you all so much and I can't wait to see you again. I hope that you are all well. Here in Trewern, it has been great. I love and miss you. Karen x


Dear Mum

I want to come home but at the same time I want to stay. I love you. Nelly x


Dear Mummy and Daddy,

Ive missed you during these couple of days. How's Brody? I saw him cry when we were about to leave. Look after Brody for me. Thanks. Trey


Dear Mum

Happy Birthday! I hope you are enjoying yourself and Dad are hope you are okay too! Before you ask, I am using the correct clothes for each activity! My bedroom is Tope, Eman, Bolu, Trey and Dean. Good luck chloe . Love Trent xx


Dear family,

I have enjoyed myself at Trewern. Though I really miss you. I have not lost anything and I've had lots of fun. I'll talk to you more when I am back.



Dear family

I've missed you so much and my tech! I love caving. From Temitayo xx


Dear Mum and Dad

it is really fun here. I went walking in the river and climbed waterfalls. Today we went caving. Freezing cold water was up to my thighs! The food is peng. Wales is beautfiul. I love this countryside. From Daniel


Hi family and Ms Mc Bride


we are having a wonderful time in Trewern. Went went gorge walking and the muddy puddle jump. Love Mya


Dear family,

I miss you but i'm liking spending time with my friends. So far, I've done caving and gorge walking. I fell in the muddy puddle. See you soon. Love Dean x


Dear mum and dad

it's been a while since we have talked. I want you to know I miss you. I'm in a room with Bolu and gang. I went mountain climbing and saw a lot of poo! See you on friday. From Pelumi x


Hello family

I've had a great time in Trewern . I'm sleeping with nine other girls- its so fun! Ive done gorge walking, caving and an assault course. I still hace much more to do . I miss you guys. Love Emeron xxx


Dear mum and Jayda

I am missing you already and it has only been two days! I will see you soon. Even daddy misses you. Love from Jerica xx


Dear family

I have had a good time in Trewern. I have done caving and BMX so far but I still have more to come. I also miss you all and wish I was with you. From Joshua


Dear mummy, daddy and all the family

I miss you all. So far we have had so much fun! I think about you all the time. Don't make trouble Onyeka and listen Maarsi. Got to go. Love from Som x


Dear mummy and daddy

I miss you so much but don't worry I'm coming back on Friday. I'll always love you and miss you. I hope you are managing without me. Love from David I x


Dear mum, dad and sister

I am enjoying Trewern and having so much fun. I miss you all so much. I do activities and now I know how to ride a bike! I am so happy here. From Verry x


Dear family

I've been missing you a lot. My favourite activity so far has been BMX riding. I really enjoyed rock climbing because it was fun and all about team work. I conquered my fear of heights. I will speak to you on Friday. I love you. Nathaniel


Dear family

I missed you a little bit but I've been wondering about my sister. I like it here, it's cool. We went caving and gorge walking. See you soon. Stephanie x


Dear mum and dad

I just wanted to say thank you for making my life brilliant. Thank you for sending me to Trewern. I've made so many friends and I can be free. Love Tope x


Dear family,

I am missing you so much but I am still having fun. I hope all is well back at home. Please don't finish the treats though! Or you know what will happen. Love you and see you soon. BYE. Tiffany x


Dear family

I miss you so much. I miss all the things that you do for me. I also miss all the food you make for me especially Jollof rice. I will give you a big hug when I arrive. Love Jordan 


Dear mum

it is fun here. We've gone to rivers are so much fun. When I come home I will come home with a lot of bites! I hope Angel is taking very good because I normally do that. In Jesus name I pray, the Lord will be with you at all times. Love Dennis x


Hi mummy, Spyke and dad

I miss you all so much and think about you everyday. There's been drama but it's all sorted. I love you sooooooo much. From charlotte x

Dear mum and dad

i've been having lots of fun here. We went into the gorge and got really wet. I even swam a bit! Plus, we had to jump into the mud. I miss you guys. Yours sincerely David A xx


Dear Mum

miss you all so much but don't worry so much but don't worry many fun things are happening. I'm having a blast. I can't wait to see you on Friday and tell you all about what has happened. Love Joju x


My time in Trewern has been lots of fun so far. It is full of challenging activities that test my limits and help with life problems. It teaches us to work together and get through situations and be independent. See you on Friday. Mary


Dear family

I'm having so much fun here but I still miss you all at the same time. So far I have done hiking and gorge walking. I have done my chores too. See you soon Anne xx


Dear family

I'm still in Trewern, but it has been a fantastic time here. All these activities are so nice that I even forget about my home. I think about you all and the dog. Lots of love Anna xx


Dear family,

Trewern has been fun . I've learnt a lot abut i've missed you. My favourite activity has been BMX and rock climbing. Thank you and see you soon. From Chinaza


Dear family

i'm having a fun time in Trewern so far I have done activities and chores as well as learning. We also have some meals but I'm okay without any of your cooking. I miss you. Oyinkansola


Dear family

Trewern has been fun. I think all the activities are tiring but fun at the same time. I want you to know im doing alright and doing as i'm told. Love you to bits. Nadia xx


Dear family and friends

Trewern has been lovely! We have arrived safe and cant wait to see you soon. From Alisia x


Trewern has been so fun. The scariest activity was the cave I had to bend my back all the time. My body is still aching so much. Only two more days to go... Precious


Dear mum and dad

I have had a wonderful time so far. I miss you dearly but will soon arrive home. Jayda xx


Dear family

I really miss you, everyday I think about you and it makes me realise how exited I am to come home and give you best wishes. Colinda xx


Dear parents

How are you doing? I hope you are fine. Im having a lot of fun in Trewern. We did a lot of chores to keep us occupied! yesterday, we did some gorge diving. See you on Friday. Love Henry xx


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