Dear Mum and Dad

I miss you. I have gone on a zip wire. I went on a red and black scooter. I am with my friedds.

Love Benjamin.


We miss you Mrs Barnes. Promise to come next year! Love Seth x


Dear Mum and dad

I am having so much fun. I know you miss me in America but I will be back and video call. I am in a room with my friends. It is fun. Go to go . Bye Joel x


I am thankful for this wonderful time. I had so much fun and I will remember this week forever. Love Rahel x



Dear Parents,

I hope your having fun your probably enjoying the peace and quiet. I hope Angel, Odera and you two are okay. How's are you Mrs Barnes? Hope she's okay. Love you and see you soon. Joshua x


I am so happy that I got chance to come here. I am having such a good time and I can't wait to come home. Love Favour xxx


Dear Parents,

I am writing to say I'm having so much fun and not missing Nessa. We are doing the best activites. Love Paulo x


Hello Mummy!Hello Ena! I miss you so much! I hope you are having fun without me, I am having fun but still miss you. I love you. Bye Nath x


Dear Mum and Dad,

I miss you so much but I'm having a good time. The people in my room are very friendly and we all get along. Love Stephen x


I am having a great time at Trewern. I miss you. from Godwin x


Dear family,

I am okay and doing fine. Don't worry about me because i'lll be back in two days. The food is nice and enjoy the activities. I get along with my room mates too. Love Telsi x


Dear family,

This week has been the best 5 days as I have experienced a once- in-a lifetime opportunity. The WORST activity was the muddy puddle and when I mean worst i mean fun. It looked shallow but it was actually deep, looks can be deceiving. Love you lots. Maureen x


Dear Mum and Dad,

I'm having a great time at Trewern. Since i've been gone it's probably more quiet without me . Anyways, I miss you all and can't wait to see you again. I'lll see you guys later in the week. From Tosin x



Dear family,

I hope you are all doing well, I'm doing well here in Trewern. Everyday we do various activities to test our fitness and also to have fun. In the next few days I will be coming home so don't miss me too much. From Emeka


Hey mum,

I'm doing fine in Trewern and I really enjoy it here. Love Kingsley

Dear family,

Trewern has been a blast. My favourite activity was BMX riding. I really miss you and can't wait to come home . xoxo Love from Ebube


Hello and hi to you dear family,

The activities so far have been amazing, so far we have done loads (we were in the middle of the English and Welsh border). I miss you all very much and will keep you all close to my heart. Love you all with every bit of my heart from Frances x


Hello mummy and daddy,

I miss both of you so much but I am having fun and am safe. I tried real marshmellow and I loved it. From Kevin Asare x


Hi mum, dad and Vinnie

I miss you very much, I've had a lot of fun here on the many activities. Love Vivek x


Dear mummy and daddy( and poo face duo)

I miss you guys so much. I love my room and the people in it. I will tell you more when I get home. Lots of love Lucas x


This week we had so much fun Brushcraft, hiking in the wood and the muddy puddle jump. I miss everyone. My favourite activity was canoeing. Love Brigette x


Hi family,

I really miss you guys. Everyoneis nice and i've also seen a side of some people that ive never seen before. My room is really big and my room is really nice. xoxox missing you allways love from Sapphire x



Dear mum, dad and Aaron

Thank you for sending my the message. I really miss you but i'm enjoying it here. from Jeevan x



Trewern is great fun and a good way to get to know people. Although i miss my familiy ( especially at night) and Mrs Barnes too. All round I am really grateful to be here. xoxo love from Princess-Zaneta


I am having a wonderful time in Trewern. I really enjoyed the hill walking and I am looking forward to pushing Mrs George out of a canoe tomorrow. Love Abraham x


Hello mummy and daddy,

I miss you so dearly. I hope you have had a lovely time without me. Don't worrry too much about me, I am fit and healthy. I love you so much from Jasmine x


Dear family,

I am having a fun time in Trewern. I have done lots of different activities. I miss you all. Love Jesse x


Hi mum, dad brothers and Mrs Barnes,

I miss you very much truely and dearly. I hope you enjoy your time without me and do not worry about me. So far my favourite acitvity was climbing the tallest mountain in Wales. Love you lots Chi-Chi xx


Dear family,


I am really enjoying Trewern, but the days are flying so quickly! Caving was AMAZING. Today, we did a mountain hike which had such a beautiful view! I love you guys alot and I hope you are safe and healthy( i am!) Love Jade xxx


Hi there. I am having a great time at Trewern. Although it's quite challenging, it is fun! Love Karl x

My favourite part was when we did BMX riding , but I am looking forward to doing bush craft. I miss my family, but at it's only 5 days. Love Josephine x



Dear family,

I miss you very much ( especially David). I experienced very fun activities such as: canoeing, mountain climbing and caving. I wish you were here. Love Stephan x


Dear family,


I miss you so much that I don't think in any universe. I wouldn't miss you. Love Kevin M x



Hi mum and dad,

I really want to come home; i miss you. However, the activties are fun. So far I did BMXing, bushcraft , indoor rock climbing and some other stuff. Love, Richard x

Dear mum,

I am having a lovely time. I did the scooter and the pasta was my favourite dinner. I love garlic bread. See you soon

Love Midian xx


Hello family,

I' habing the best time ever. We've done lots of aactvities including: canoeing, mountain climbing and caving. I hope you're all okay. Love Daniel xxx


Hi family,

I am having a blast at Trewern. My favourite activity is canoeing. I miss you lots. Love Paula xxx



Trewern is really great. My favourite activity was the canoeing. It was fun! Caving and the hill walk were pretty tough. Bye for now. Nzube xx



Hello everybody in my family, I hope you guys miss me because I miss you guys very much. Love you, Paul xxx



Hi Mum and Dad

I hope Payton and Peaches are okay. The insect problem is better than i thought and it's really clean! I miss you alot and i'm having so much fun. See you later. Love Pearson xxx


Dear parents, I am having a LOVELY time here. I hope you see this. My favourite is activtity was canoeing. Love Martins xxx

Hello everybody, I hope everyone is okay. I'm having fun. I've done things like canoeing, mountain climbing and more. I miss you all. From Angela xx


Hi family, 

I am missing you so much. I wish you were with me. My favourite activity was the muddy puddle. I will be with you soon. Marcelino xxx


Hello family, 

I am having a great time in Trewern, I hope you and Funmi had a great time at the cinema. We did the climbing course, canoeing, caving, mountain climbing. Tomorrow we are doing BMX and bushcradt. See you soon Toni AKA Deborah xxx


Hello everybody,

I am having a wonderful time here at Trewern. The activities are amazing and the food. I have done lots. See you on Friday. Love from Ruby xxxx



Dear family, 

Abidah, Amirah, Adetoun, I miss you loads. I miss you mummy and daddy but I hope you are well. My favourite acitvity so far was canoeing. I love you loads and hope you miss me . TREWERN IS THE BEST!!!!


I love Trewern! There were many fun activities, but my favourite one was BMX riding. Love Lam xx


I miss you so much, I hope you are all well. See you soon. xoxo Ejemen

P.S- My favourite activity was rock climbing. It was very wet during BMX. Trewern is the best!!!


To family, 

I've had so much fun. I hope you are doing well. My favourite thing was the caving. From Chuchu xxx


Hi Nan and family 

Trewern has been different to what I thought it would be.I miss you. I did BMXing ad have been pushed to the limits. Miss you lots and see you on Friday. Love Chaz xxx



I hope you are okay because I am having a great time. I really miss you and I love you lots. I hope you are safe and keeping well. See you soon. Lots of Love Anne xxx



I miss you all and hope you are getting on well. I am having loads of fun. Lois xxx


Hi everyone,

These few days at Trewern have surprised me! I've participated in many events, including; mountain climbing, caving and hiking. This Friday I am coming back home. I hope you are safe at home. Love Lucien xxx


Hello mum,

I'm safe and well. I am behaving and doing good things. Please when I get home can you make hot chocolate. Love John xxx



Dear family, 

I have had a great time at Trewern and it has helped me learn so much. I hope when I get back, I get everything i want and you get me something. I don't miss you that much, but its weird not being mean  to Jonathan and Vicky.. Love Gabrielle xxx



I am really enjoying Trewern. My favourtie activity was wall climbing and the muddy jup. I am having fun and I hope I will see you soon. 

Love Grantas xx


Dear Mum, 

How are you? I hope you are okay without me. How is Auntie, Uncle and Jeremy. Please do not worry about me.