PE at St Peter’s

At St. Peter’s the children have lots of opportunities to participate in Physical Education. We aim for every child to participate and enjoy sport both for its health benefits and to improve their skill. They follow a syllabus which includes at least two hours directed time in school, including lots of different sports, such as Gymnastics, Dance, Outdoor Games, Athletics and Ball Games. The children will also participate in a two week course in intensive swimming, which is usually undertaken in Year 3.

They also have the opportunity to join lots of after school clubs, such as Netball, Football, Rugby, Althetics, Cross Country and Dance.

The clubs are open to different age groups and are both before and after school. There are numerous coaches and specialists teachers who lead these clubs.

At St. Peter’s we enter the children for a variety of competitions and events. They have successfully competed in Borough Competitions, Athletic meetings, Netball, Rugby and Football matches both at borough level and against other schools.

Furthermore, we also enter a variety of pupils to represent their Borough in their chosen sport.


Physical Education




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