Personal, social and health education (PSHE) is concerned with the emotional health, well being and welfare of the pupils in our school.  PSHE enables pupils to become effective learners and supports them as they move from childhood, through adolescence, to become independent young people and active responsible citizens.

PSHE at St. Peter’s is taught through interactive learning. Discussion, debate and circle time are used to develop interactive learning and implement effective personal, social and health education.  PSHE sometimes takes the form of isolated lessons and is sometimes integrated within other subjects/topics where possible.  

Values Education

Furthermore, St. Peter’s RC Primary School uses Values Education to promote a school ethos that encourages children to be self-disciplined active learners. As part of this scheme, the school focuses on a different core value each half term, for example: appreciation, friendship, honesty, love, co-operation, tolerance, responsibility. This value is promoted through allocated lessons, assemblies and recognition of children who display this value.

PSHE at St. Peter’s aims to help pupils to:

  • promote a positive sense of the self
  • develop good relationships with others
  • develop good attitudes towards others and an understanding of the differences between people and their viewpoints
  • provide opportunities to share and explore life experiences/emotions/difficulties in groupings beyond family
  • be equipped with knowledge about the world in which we live
  • be equipped with the skills and attitudes to engage successfully in the task of learning
  • reflect on their beliefs, choices and values, and those of others
  • develop a healthy and safe lifestyle
  • gain opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences that will prepare them for the wider world

School Council

The School Council is a very active and vocal part of the school community, who meet frequently to discuss the issues and concerns that have been raised by members of the school community.  Years 1 – 6 are currently represented by the council.

Sex and Relationship Education and Drug Education

SRE and Drug Education are taught within PSHE and as part of the science curriculum. These are in line with the guidance given by the borough and the Catholic Diocese of Brentwood.  The whole school follows the SRE programme, ‘A Journey in Love’, which lasts for three weeks during the spring term. 



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